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One PhD position and one postdoc position

Hey folks,

We are now inviting applications for one Ph.D. position and one postdoc position. I believe we can learn a lot from each other in the course of the project. Machine Learning Group is a newly established group in the department of Exploration Technology which is planning to bridge between the interdisciplinary fields of remote sensing, machine learning, and mineralogy to develop novel and efficient technologies for the exploration of mineral resources.

The research focusses on multisensor and multitemporal data fusion using advanced machine (deep) learning and image (or signal) processing techniques. We consider a variety of data sources such as unmanned aerial systems with various sensors, multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing, tectonic geomorphology, 3D geological modeling, as well as laser-induced fluorescence and luminescence spectroscopy. If you are interested please inbox me your CV p.ghamisi@gmail.com .

Thanks a lot in advance,